Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And now for something different......

As it turns out I'm not too good at the whole blogging thing. I think I confused it with crafting a coherent overview of my thoughts on TV rather than simply an outlet for my TV related frustration. So I'm having a do-over.....in TV terms I'm replacing the star of a new sitcom with someone funny (but I can't guarantee I'm going to be funny).

Anyhoo......here's the TV week of my house:

The boys have watched about 40 hours of Playschool and Wiggles. OMG. Now I really like them both as children's TV but really do I have to watch too and slowly star to care. The big questions being asked in our house now are - does Alex Papps' ability to play the pantomime dame suggest anything about his sexual orientation (I think not but others beg to differ) and how much has the blue Wiggle changed in the last 12 years??

The LSOH's TV watching can be summed up in two words - sport and news. Its on when I get up and when I go to bed. Occasionally there are some mega structures and some American Chopper. But not much.

I on the other hand have been striving to get to the end of BSG series 3 and it was all I ever imagined it to be, and more! Shame I spoiled it already - DAMN YOU WIKIPEDIA!!!!!! Now I just have to get hold of S4.....

The joy of True Blood S3 continues. The question remains though - is there anyone apart from Sookie who would pick Bill over Eric??

I've just dipped into another episode of Flashforward, but I can feel the appeal waning as it feels more and more like a second rate Lost. Such potential, such a disappointment.

Well in the US its Autumn preview season so lots to look forward to shortly now things are being fast tracked.....YAY!

Better go but here's a show idea to leave you with: A child TV star grows up to be either school teacher. It could be called Acting Out. Hmmm, now its on paper it looks lame. Well better think of something better for next week.

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