Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No time to watch

Ugh! The last few weeks have been very difficult for me. I mean not really difficult - it is all difficult in a relative way- but for me its been a battle to 'have it all'. And the all that has not really been fitting into my 'all' is television. Now, as you can imagine, being TV obsessed, that is really not great. Work has been all consuming and the little munchkins have been generally a handful, and this has all left little time for much else.

I did manage to squeeze in some 30 Rock to keep me slightly in the loop but only old episodes I had already seen, watching while doing something else. Its sort of like a comfort thing. Although I think I realized the stress may have been getting to me when I started to think that consider whether all men at work more senior than me could be my Jack Donanghey. They are not. At all.

So I finally resurfaced into the world about two weeks ago and  have embarked on some major catch up time to satisfy all my likes.....

Something horrid - Criminal Minds. Most disturbing show ever. It's hard to pin point exactly the most disturbing of the four episodes I watched last week, but I think I would have to go with the 'unsub' who kidnapped young women, got them pregnant, stole the babies when they gave birth, keeping them if the were boys and putting them up for adoption and then killing the mothers. Oh dear lord really? How did they come up with this stuff???? As horrible as some of the storylines are, it is a fabulous show. So tense, so devious.

Something girly - Gossip Girl. I love teen drama and there is little better on TV at the moment than the exploits of the ridiculously overly glamourous NY elite. It has the most convoluted and overdone story lines, which generally repeat themselves over and over again, and I'm convinced that there seems to be some type of law in the US which says if you have a trust fund you can drink freely in public from the age of 12 (it would explain SO much about child stars). I think the most interesting development for me in this season is how I have changed my allegiance to characters. Serena is self absorbed and self righteous but Blair actually has so much more character and depth, as well ambition. Oh did I say that - I like Queen B more?? Oh I did....wonders, as they say.......

Something educational - The Tudors. Ok, so educational might be a little bit of a stretch, but I do check facts a lot against Wikipedia so that is building my knowledge, that counts, right? The Tudors writers do seem to have taken a liberal approach with quite a few facts though and there are some major departures from history. A few facts here and there I can cope with. The ages of the principal characters is very off (Henry VIII in reality aged for more than 20 years from first to last wife, where as JRM grows more hair but still looks about 25 the whole way through) as is the timescales. But what I've not been able to find in Wikipedia is reference to raucous sexathon that the 1500s appear to be (apparently extra marital and non martial liaisons were not a problem whatsoever). They are doing it everywhere and all the time. Its like soft porn in primetime. Fabulous.

I'm finishing my catch up with some Mad Men repeats (oh Don, oh yes) and Dexter (the epitome of quirky noir) and I'm so looking forward to getting all back on track show wise. Less work more TV, that sounds like the tonic.

But for now, happy watching square eyes.......

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